How to Get the Fun Out of Material That is Boring

For the most part, reading is an activity done to entertain, and the material should be enjoyable and riveting. But sometimes, one comes across a reading material that just sucks the excitement out of you.

It might be a material you need to go through to work or school, and it is inescapable. To avoid taking ages to finish the reading material and to create some enjoyment out of the whole experience, follow the following to stay focused:

Scan the reading material before reading

Go through the bullet points of the content you are going to learn which will help your brain to attune the information you are reading. This helps the brain focus and absorb the information with less resistance.

Establish the reasons for reading the material

Is it for a presentation at work? Are you studying for an exam? Are you reading to increase your knowledge on a particular subject? These and other questions will help you set your goals which will lead to favourable outcomes.

Take a break to reboot

The human brain’s attention span can last from less than ten minutes to a little over fifty minutes. To allow the mind to refocus, take breaks of about ten minutes and this will enable it to absorb what it has taken in the last fifty minutes of straight reading.

Find fun ways of assimilating what you are reading

If you find it difficult to understand the written form of the information, you can search for videos on YouTube or do a Google search and find better presentations of the information which will make it easier to understand.

Make it a game

Turn dull reading material into a game which will keep you motivated and entertained. Play this trick on your brain and see how quickly you understand what you are reading.

Take notes for every paragraph you read

To avoid regression when learning, make it a point to write an understandable sentence for every section. This will help you to comprehend what you have read entirely, and it will also keep you focused.

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