A Booklovers TED Talk Must-See Inspirations

There are many people out there who have made it their mission to encourage more reading. Many book lovers swear by these inspiring motivational speakers featured in TED Talks.

These talks cover topics on so many things including various aspects of reading, and they are inspiring and enthralling. People who watched these videos felt like they could tackle anything the world could throw their way. They were left highly motivated and inspired.

The following are some of those TED Talks videos for your sampling:

Anne Lamott’s – 12 Truths I Learned From Life and Writing

Lamott opens up and shares her insights on her writing experiences. She touches on the lessons learned through the changing world and the emotions experienced in the whole process. If you are in search of some connection with the world, this is the video to watch.

ShondaRhimes’ – The Future of Storytelling

One of the greatest storytellers of our times and the writer of television shows such as Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder, will have you whipping your pen and paper out for some of her inspirational statements in this TED Talk. Rhimes discusses with Cyndi Stivers, the director of TED Residency, on how essential listening, watching and telling stories will shape how the media transforms and how politics gets handled.

Joshua Prager’s – Wisdom from Great Writers on Every Year of Life

Prager, a journalist by profession, takes the time in this TED Talk to show how human beings have similar experiences in the span of different times in the world. He also points out that they get told in various ways by writers of that era.

Mac Barnett’s – Why a Good Book Is a Secret Door

Barnett’s talk discusses what books do to children’s imaginations. It allows them to wander off into a world of their fancy, a must-see TED Talk for parents.

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