Welcome moons book shop

This website started with the aim to help people who love reading and possibly engage them in many other types of hobbies out there. We consider ourselves a community, an online community, where book lovers have a platform where they can source information and talk about common interests.

This website is the best place to help yourself in various aspects such as reading materials, a forum where one can ask questions or answer some, videos and links to other great information out there and much more.

You can also have access to a lot of different books from around the world. You will be able to access information on the many hobbies available for you to explore, and it does not matter how random and unusual it may seem to others.

If reading is not what you are looking for, then the following might do:

  • Creating something unique with help and motivation from people with similar interests.
  • You will get a chance to work with your hands to either make a cake, a necklace, a dress or a cabinet. This shows a lot of dedication and love put in the work.

Hobbies such as reading, knitting, building a boat and many others are wheels of constant learning. You will get to grow in your skill and as an individual.

We are a welcoming bunch, and it does not matter what your interests are, we will accommodate you. Your level of skill is not a deterrent to engage with like-minded folk and get to learn from them as they will learn from you.

We are also big on friendships, so come and hang with us sometime.

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