Other Hobbies That Involve Reading

Ok, so as much as it is a well-known fact that reading is an excellent way of improving one’s life, more often than not, people never really get the time to read. Making time to read is a whole topic on its own that can be explored at another time.

It is no surprise that withdrawal symptoms are real when one finishes indulging in a good book. One seeks gratification, and they find it in many forms. The following are some ways you can satisfy that craving for a good book:

Diehard book lovers always collect artefacts and merchandise related to the books they love. It is a whole new feeling having to start a collection of all sorts of things related to the book.

Join reading challenges which will give you a new outlook on the reading world. Reading challenges are fun and get you out of your comfort zone opening up a whole other world.

Many book aficionados are members of reading clubs, and if you are not then you should make a point to join one. It is exciting to read an “unputdownable” book and be able to excitedly discuss the plot twists expressed in the book with other fans of the book.

How about touring the places mentioned in the book you love? Better yet, going on a pilgrimage to your favourite author’s home? Plan a literary tour.

Something that all ardent readers do is to have a book or journal where they put down their favourite words and quotes from books they read. If you have not yet started doing this, then it will be an excellent way to feed your hunger for a great book as you refer back to what excited you when reading the book.

In an era where social media is king, you definitely should be able to create an account solely dedicated to your love of books. You will also be able to link up with people who have the same passion as you creating a virtual world of like-minded book lovers.

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