Finish a Book in a Week By Doing The Following

Although many people love reading, they don’t have the time and sometimes, the will to pick up a book and read. There are many benefits to reading, and even if it seems a little hard at first, there are things one can do to up their reading.

The following are some tricks one can use to be able to read a book a week:

Choose to read your favourite book

Do not fold under the pressure of the literal society touting a “bestseller”, neither should you let your friends force you to read a book they are reading knowing well you will enjoy it.

Position your reading material where you unwind

Cut down on time you spend searching for the book that you are reading by always leaving it where you relax. Maybe it is by the side of your bed or in the garden, make it easy to get to it.

Set a time for reading without any hindrances

Cut down on phone notifications if possible, keep it in silent or aeroplane mode. Switch off the television and if you like snacking while reading then make yourself something before you settle down to read.

Read a variety of book types and themes

It is advisable not to mix the same kind of books you read. Allow yourself to explore the myriads of books on offer around the world. Read a thought-provoking book, and when done, you can indulge in a young adult thriller just for kicks.

Refocus your time usage

Do not ignore your other interests completely. If you enjoy some reality television or the latest season of Game of Thrones, then by all means indulge. When the time comes, and you find it annoying to watch tv or knitting, you can switch it up with a lovely book. How you allocate your time to reading and other activities matters.

Make it a priority to read every day

Take time even to do ten pages a day. As time goes, it becomes a habit hard to break, and you will enjoy doing it.

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